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Dataset Title Registered EIA Consultants Subject Title List of environmental consulting companies registered with Meca Issue Date 14/07/2020
Description A list of the names of environmental consultants registered with the Ministry and qualified in the preparation of environmental impact assessment studies. Next Release Date
Data Source Directorate General of Environmental Affairs-Environmental Planning Department-environmental standards and criteria Section Durability Durable Status Page Views: 7724
Data Downloads: 1055
Contact Name Section Specialists Contact Number 24404860 / 24404875 / 24404866 Contact Email
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Company NameADDRESSTELEPHONEEMAILFAXActivity TypePermit Expiry
Muscat Engineering Consultancy LLCP.O. Box 716, P. C 130, Al athaibah 24215000 Environmental Engineering Consulting15-Jun-2021
Al Safa Environmental & Technical Services LLC P.O. Box 3013, P. C 111, Bousher ,Muscat22052101/ , salim@alsafaenv.com24494750 Test and Measurement of Environmental Indicators 05-May-2021
Al Safa Environmental & Technical Services LLC P.O. Box 3013, P. C 111, Bousher ,Muscat22052101/ , salim@alsafaenv.com24494750 Environmental Consulting 08-Mar-2020
Renardet SA & Partners Consulting Engineering L.L.C PO Box 579, Muscat PC 100 24483298 renardet-oman@renardet.net24483039 Environmental Consulting 20-Feb-2021
AECOM Middle East Consultants P.O. Box 434, PC 133 Bousher, AL Qurum/Muscat 24958800  24958801 Environmental Consulting 21-Apr-2020
Geo Resources Consultancy LLCP.O. Box 1127 P.C 111 Bousher- Muscat24495524 Environmental Consulting 29-Aug-2020
Worley Oman Engineering LLCPO Box 795, PC 133 Landmark Building, 3rd & 4th Floor Building 1135, Way 4509, Al Khuwair Muscat, Sultanate of Oman 24473489Infra.env@worley.com24483908 Environmental Engineering Consulting20-Sep-2020
Mazon Environmental Technical Service LLC P O BOX 1718 PC 133 24155377 / 99427390 admin@mets-oman.com24155376 Environmental Consulting 09-Oct-2020
Khatib & Alim and Partners P O BOX 238 PC 112 Bousher- Muscat24602016muscat@kahatibalami.com24602098 Environmental Engineering Consulting15-May-2021
Al Ardh Al Teebah Trading Establishment P.O. Box 1509 , P. C 211, Dhofar- Salalah 99494772 / 23210933 Environmental Consulting25-Apr-2021
Alawael Consulting and SustainabilityP.O. Box 1876, P. C 130, Bousher- Muscat. 24584743 / 99375377 aalswai@alawaeloverseas.om24594714 Environmental Consulting 29-May-2020
Amazon for Environment and sustainability P.O. Box 461 P.C 115, Bousher- Muscat. 96555535 24499572 Environmental Engineering Consulting 16-May-2021
Trends for Geological & Environmental Consulting ESTP.O. Box 2421 P.C 211, Doufar, Salalah 92510548 Environmental Consulting 09-Dec-2020
Civil Technology Engineering Consultancy. P.O. Box 1275 P.C 132, Al Khawd- AL Seeb / Muscat.92823999 Environmental Consulting 07-Jun-2021
YAHYA ENGINEERING Limited PartnershipP.O. Box 1537 P.C 131, Ruwi,Muttrah, – Muscat92558876 / 91799170 Environmental Consulting 01-Jul-2020