Open Data Competition - Award Registration

We are pleased to announce our Award for Best Use of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs Open Data Platform, “OPEN DATA AWARD 2018”. We invite everybody to participate in this award, local or international, or any other interested party. Just like our Open Data Platform is open for all, the award is open for all participants, whether you are:
Individual Government Company Society Student

The award is awarded for the best use of the open data that we publish; we welcome participations for:

Category Definition Scope
OD for Business Celebrating open data used to transform business. Commercial projects
OD Innovation & Solutions Awards Celebrating open data used as a tool for innovation, and compelling visual analysis using at least one dataset from MECA Open Data in any sector. • Computer programs • Mobile applications • Map and geographic designs • Environmental and climatic solutions • Visualization Tools
OD Social Impact Award Celebrating open data used as a tool for social good. • Environmental and climatic projections • Society /Social projects
OD Media & Publisher Award Celebrating pioneering media initiatives and campaigns working with data, and high publishing standards and use of challenging data • Infographics • Academic research • Publications

To participate please fill in the form below, and include a brief explanation of the entry, there is no limit to how many entries a person or group can submit. The submissions will be assessed by a panel and the winners will be announced and presented in a ceremony held in the Ministry at a later set date

We look forward to see how we can enrich our environmental preservation efforts by your contributions, and how we can cooperatively add value to our Open Data initiative. Clean Sustainable Environment

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