Dataset Metadata / Summary:
Dataset Title Study of the mortality and delinquency of mammals Subject Title dead or stranded marine mammals on Oman's beaches Issue Date Aug 2017
Description dead or stranded marine mammals on Oman's beaches Next Release Date May 2018
Data Source Receive reports from citizens and wildlife observers Durability Durable Counters Page Views:531
Data Downloads:214
Contact Name Department of Marine Environment Conservation Contact Number +968-24404512 \ +968-24696333 Contact Email
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2/1/2010Shark whale2999613423529khasabBasah Beach
2/6/2010Sperm whale2632039558886MusanahAL owaid
5/13/2010Brayd's whale2091620528778DuqumJuwairah
6/5/2010Sperm whale230459157041263MusanahAbu Abali AL sahil
6/27/2010 Unkown decomposed whale265989340R0501894 SahamHillat AL burj
7/24/2010Sperm whale271773140R0455730LiwaAL batinah
7/27/2011Dolphin23425665754030BarkaHillat Al fawaris
8/14/2011Shark whale25421385616150DabaZaghy beach
2/21/2012 Unkown273785740R0441377ShinasAbu bgrah
4/6/2012humpback whale2770269740448Jalan bani bu hasanQroon
4/18/2012Sperm whale2014016400452952Al jazirAL lakbi
6/5/2012Sperm whale2629416580634SahamKhor al hamam
7/18/2013Dolphin2629416580634BarkaAl sawadi
9/8/2013Whale2665720495079SahamAL radah